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Tuition Grants

Lighthouse Christian School is committed to providing an accessible, high-quality education built on a Biblical worldview. We recognize not only the importance of a Christian education, but also the investment families make to secure that priceless gift for their children. Our tuition grant program provides financial support for students in grades K-8 for whom the cost would otherwise be prohibitive.  We encourage families to apply to Lighthouse regardless of financial circumstances.

Lighthouse wholeheartedly embraces the Apostle Paul’s call to “share with God’s people who are in need” (Romans 12:13). We believe that economic diversity enriches the whole-school experience for all families and is important in creating an authentic and thriving Christian community. This is made possible through our Endowment, which is funded through the general operating budget and financial contributions from LCS benefactors who are committed to this mission. 



Application Process



2024 Application Deadlines and Grant Duration

The duration of your grant will be determined based on the date when all required information has been received. Please see the chart below for deadlines and grant duration.

After November 25, 2024, the grant period will be determined at the discretion of the LCS Tuition Assistance Committee. Please email after November 25 if assistance is needed, as the tuition grant application portal will be closed.



Expected Timeline
  • Before Applying for Aid: For new students, you must first complete the admissions application process before applying for financial aid. 
  • 2-3 Weeks After Applying: Application review. You may be contacted for additional information. 
  • Decision communication after application review:
    • Ineligible Families: If a family is deemed ineligible for assistance, communication will be sent regardless of what stage the family is in during the admissions/continuous enrollment process.    
    • Eligible Families: If a family is deemed eligible for assistance, grant details will be communicated if/when an offer of enrollment is extended by the admissions department for new families, or continuous enrollment is confirmed in February for families with students who currently attend Lighthouse.  


Additional Information
  • Tuition grants are awarded to families based on financial need and are not designed to support lifestyle choices that result in heavy financial stress or indebtedness. 
  • Grant applications are reviewed by an independent financial assessment organization and a recommendation is provided for each application.  
  • Recommendations are reviewed by the LCS Tuition Assistance Committee for final determination of eligibility and/or the grant amount. 
  • All records and correspondence are held in the strictest confidence. Only the Tuition Assistance Committee will review this information. The identity of all students receiving tuition assistance is confidential.
  • We recognize that every family's situation is unique. One of the greatest factors in evaluating financial need depends on a family's adjusted gross income to tuition cost ratio. However, the committee will take into account other factors. 
  • Depending on the size of the applicant pool and available funds, those families in the greatest financial need will receive priority in receiving tuition assistance.