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Legacy Annual Fund

Thank you for your support!

Last year, the Legacy Annual Fund raised more than $348,000 in gifts, payments, and pledges, helping us advance our mission and sustain our future. These commitments to Lighthouse enable us to achieve many important goals that would not be possible otherwise.

The academic program continues to thrive as our students historically score in the top 15th percentile in the nation on standardized testing. This is possible because of a nurturing community of excellent, highly-qualified staff who consider it their mission to serve at Lighthouse. We are blessed with the ability to provide competitive compensation for these people who make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students on a daily basis, and provide the solid foundation they need to succeed in their future.

Other hallmarks of the Legacy program include:

  • $1 million reduction in the existing building debt in March of 2016, leaving a remaining balance of $1.4 million
  • A beautiful facility that is well maintained for our students, staff and families
  • A growing endowment fund for tuition assistance to allow us to serve an economically diverse student population
  • Competitive salaries and bonuses for our outstanding teachers and staff
  • Expansive extra-curricular program

Sustainable funding is a critical element in the future of Lighthouse. The Legacy program provides an opportunity to invest in Lighthouse – for greatest needs – by setting up a recurring commitment. The focus is to enable long-term planning for critical budget needs and can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

During its 15 year history, the Legacy Program has raised more than $3.75 million in gifts and pledges over the life of the program which includes 142 Legacy Builder members and generous, year over year, one-time donors.


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Legacy Builders

Patrick & Angela Abraham
Payvand & Amanda Aflatooni
Allyn & Jessica Akins
Bruce & Diane Allen
Troy & Connie Alstead
Mark & Liz Angell
Kyle & Shannon Apperson
Bruce & Lisa Barker
Rick & Barb Barney
Avery & Jolin Bevin
Scott & Susan Bigler
Shane & Sarah Blondin
Brad & Jodi Bodenman
Paul & Sheri Bogataj
Brian & Amanda Born
Chuck & Kristen Borquist
Phil & Susan Bouterse
George Briggs
Linda Kaye Briggs
Chris & Jeanna Brown
Derek & Danielle Burk
John & Annie Burleigh
Andrew & Julie Cain
John & Janice Carpenter
Greg & Gretchen Carrougher
Ben & Heather Cedarland
Cedarland Forest Resources
Joe & Jessica Cedarland
Diane & David Dahl
Kelly & Jacque DeGideo
Ashton & Ashley Dennis
Mike & Jenny Dubinsky
Edwin & Shana Erickson
Rudy & Lindsey Evans
Daniel & Kate Eyre
Steve & Eileen Finnigan
Garrett & Nikki Fisher
Jon & Cristin Flynn
Nick & Erica Frank
Don & Amy Gartlan
Bill & Sally Glover
John D Glass
Peter & Mollie Gonnason
Ed & Amelia Grayson
Wes & Margaret Greydanus
Gary & Megan Grimm
Keith & Summer Grossmann
Jim & Karen Guarre
Greg & Amy Hammontree

Gar & Vanessa Hansen
Zachary & Jennifer Hansen
Colleen Harnish
Keith Harnish
Rylan & Mali Hawkins
Rob & Alessandra Hayden
Rob & Melissa Heckman
James & Jone Howard
Dennis & Theresa Hutchins
Spencer & Christie Hutchins
Eric & Whitney Johnsen
Dino & Chenda Johnson
Jim & Darlene Johnson
David & Marlys Johnson
Damjan & Kerri Jutric
Mike & Selina Kelly
Rachel Kemak
Brian & Tiffany Kerr
Andrew & Sarah King
Ted & Marie Kilcup
Adam & Rachel Knutz
Brian & Julie Kott
Ben & Rachel Krauskopf
Chad & Julie Krilich
Nick & Carolyn Kulp
Aaron & Lindsay Laird
Greg & Tiffany Lamberton
Dustin & Robynn Langley
Ian & Maurie-Lynn Lawson
Chris and Kelli Maharry
Chris & Heather Maher
Don & Jan Mallavia
Richard & Gayle Manning
Matt & Cindy Mathisen
Rob & Amber Mayzak
Dave & Linda McClung
Zack & Brooke McVey
Tyler & Amber Mickelson
Don Mark & Angela Miller
Jordan & Jaclyn Moore
Brent & Susan Moss
Michael & Melissa Nesland
Nick & Sheila Nesland
Erik & Diane Ogard
Chris & Laura Olson
Tony & Becky Omlin
Darryl & Dawnita Parkinson
JP & Michelle Pedinielli
Chris & Rachel Peirce
Blake & Shawmonee Perry

David & Cheryl Pratt
Gary & Christina Price
Frank Jr. & Elaine Pupo
Frank Sr. & Janis Pupo
Chris & Lindsay Reanier
Dan & Cat Rehberger
Gary & Deb Robertson
Kyle & Leah Rohrbaugh
Paul & Tammy Rohrbaugh
Greg & Dion Rurik
George & Dion Russell
Erik & Marianne Scheller
Brad & Anya Schmitz
Sonny & Kelli Schneider
Steve & Ronna Schreiner
Bill & Manuela Schwab
Chris & Kim Seher
Jeff & Amanda Serven
Dustin Shawcross & Amy Driver
Matthew & Julie Sievert
Mitchell & Heidi Smee
Patrick & Nora Smith
Ty & Jane Snyder
Mark & Robin Soupiset
Robert & Hillary Spear
Ken & JoAnna Sturgis
Dick & Bo Teodoro
Jesse & Britlese Thomas
Leanna Thomas
Sajan & Sheela Thomas
Den & Jeanne Trittin
Tom & Diane Tucci
Craig & Kelley Turner
Aaron & Katherine Van Arsdale
Scott & Charith Varga
Pat & Anne Vaughan
Denny & Marlene Waldron
Dick & Jeanie Watson
Jason & Kristin West
John & Chris West
Ryan & Rachel Wilber
Duane & Traci Winder
Gary & Karleen Woodworth
Matt & Katie Whyland
Russ & Rebecca Wyman
Brian & Heather Yates
Bob & Jan Yerex

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